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CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) surveillance systems and related equipment, application and terminology are the field that most people are not familiar with, so we get lots of questions.
1.Can I use any type of CCTV security camera outside?

Not really. Some bullet cameras, Vandal proof Dome camera and most Infrared cameras are designed for outside use with waterproof cases, but if you need lenses of different focal lengths and especially if you need auto-iris lenses (which are best for outside because of varying light conditions) then mini-cams won't be satisfactory. Normally, body cameras are used outside but need to be mounted inside a special outside housing. These housings are rainproof and can also contain a heater unit for really cold climates and/or a fan for hot climates. Mini-dome CCTV security cameras, most Dome camera and some hidden camera meant for inside use only, should not be used outside.

2.Why are color CCTV security cameras better than Black and White (B/W), even though B/W security cameras will work at lower light levels?

Traditionally, B/W security cameras were considerably less expensive than color security cameras, much more light sensitive and often of higher resolution. Today, the price gap has narrowed considerably, resolutions are basically the same, Now our Color camera are often 0.5Lux, it is often satisfactory with the day surveillance.



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